Monday, November 19, 2007



Spectacular Holiday Contest for our Customers
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Dye it, embroider it, paint it, spray it, applique it, patch it. Be CREATIVE... make it your own!

Email us a picture of your ultimate Beco. An independent jury will choose the best entry.

WINNER RECEIVES THEIR MONEY BACK plus a special recognition on our website!

Contest Rules:
1. Purchase your Organic Natural Beco from our website.
2. Email us a picture (preferable in .jpg format) of your designed Beco at by Dec. 19, 2007.
3. Winner will be announced on our BLOG on Dec. 24, 2007. Winner will receive a refund thru Paypal on the same day.

We will feature the Top 10 entries on our blog so everyone can enjoy the creations.
Best of luck to all contestants.

** Happy Holidays from Beco Baby Carrier **

Thank you all for an awesome year... We look forward to bring you our best in 2008!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

hot cakes

Come and get em'

The Obi is the simplest front baby carrier around
The word Obi means belt or sash in Japanese. Obi baby carrier is constructed of two belts of fabric that cross twice and are sewn where they intersect, creating an X shaped carrier. It slips over the wearer’s head and onto the shoulders. The center of the crosses is situated in the front and back of the wearer’s body. The front cross creates a seat/back support for the baby and the back cross serves as the wearer’s support, spreading the weight of the baby evenly.
The efficient weight distribution uses a large area of the wearer’s back and shoulders. To prevent chafing, the Obi is lightly padded in the baby’s leg area of the carrier. At the top of the front cross there is an additional triangle piece of fabric that makes for a comfortable head rest for the baby. It can be opened to ease the access of putting the baby in or out of the carrier.