Friday, February 6, 2009

We love hearing from you...

Dear Beco,
I just purchased a beco baby carrier and wanted to let you know what a beautiful and functional product you have made. My husband is an artist ( and we live on very little, so it was a big purchase. However it has been money so well spent as I once again have my time back to spend with my other two daughters hands free.
Nursing, carrying, sleeping, everything is so much easier with this carrier and the prints are so beautiful!
I don't usually ever review a product but I wanted to let you know how important it was to me when I purchased it that it was fair trade.
Thank youfor providing mothers with this beautiful carrier that allows us to stay closeto our babies!
Keep up the good work!!
Peace and Good,

the Beco Band

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Beco Butterfly carrier. I am a bass player in an old-time string band, and I often played with my son in a backpack (he's 4 now). When my daughter was born last summer, I bought the Beco Butterfly because the infant insert would let me carry her on my back sooner for gigs. She made her stage debut when she was about 4 weeks old! The fiddle player has a 1-year-old who rides in her Beco Butterfly for gigs, too. The babies steal the show! We're so happy with our carriers - they let us play comfortably and be close to our children.
Thanks for the great design.
Virginia Musser
The Prairie Acre