Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wearer of the Week, Keri

We had some waist buckles from last year that seemed to become brittle when they were moved too quickly from warm to cool areas. Keri's waist buckle had been one of those so she contacted me for help. See what she has to say...

Dear Beco,

I received my Beco Butterfly last fall, before my son was born, as a baby shower gift. It is the best carrier we have -- Elliot loves watching the world from its safety....Thanks for your time, and for making such comfortable, baby-friendly carriers. 

As soon as I replied back to her she was so quick to say:

I really appreciate your prompt response and your willingness to replace the broken piece! It has been lovely dealing with you, and now I have yet another reason to recommend your carrier to everyone who compliments me on it. :)

And then we got to see her gorgeous son in their Ryan Beco Butterfly. Thanks for sharing, Keri! :)
If you have a story about your Beco or about our company, please send it to me with a picture (or two!) to info at becobabycarrier dot com. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is all publicity good publicity?

I'm sure you heard about the huge recall on Infantino's SlingRider and the Wendy Bellissimo Sling. If you have been a part of the babywearing community (or more specifically, a part of TheBabyWearer) for any amount of time you probably already knew how dangerous those "bag slings" really are. Note the date on that blog as two years ago, also. :-/

At any rate, when all this got on the news, I had a lot of people asking me,  "Was that recall talking about those things you use?" I explained so nicely that, no, Beco Baby Carriers (as well as just about any other type of carrier when used correctly) were not part of that recall.

So here's the question....is all publicity good publicity? Even though the recall was horribly awful (at least three infants died, other reports would say more) has it brought more good or bad to the babywearing community?