Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is all publicity good publicity?

I'm sure you heard about the huge recall on Infantino's SlingRider and the Wendy Bellissimo Sling. If you have been a part of the babywearing community (or more specifically, a part of TheBabyWearer) for any amount of time you probably already knew how dangerous those "bag slings" really are. Note the date on that blog as two years ago, also. :-/

At any rate, when all this got on the news, I had a lot of people asking me,  "Was that recall talking about those things you use?" I explained so nicely that, no, Beco Baby Carriers (as well as just about any other type of carrier when used correctly) were not part of that recall.

So here's the all publicity good publicity? Even though the recall was horribly awful (at least three infants died, other reports would say more) has it brought more good or bad to the babywearing community?


  1. Ahhh, I think it is probably 50/50. I was out on Mother's Day with my 7wk old using a Maya Wrap (my Beco is en route) I received SEVERAL stares, a few dirty looks and even a few comments to the likes of "didn't a bunch of babies just DIE in those things", One of which was said right in front of a prego mom who was open minded inquiring about the Maya. Some turn their nose up in disgust other will listen that there is SAFE baby wearing and I'm sorry to say it's really COMMON SENSE. I think it speaks for itself when you can see baby happy and comfy or when baby is muffled in a pile of fluff??? The positive thing about the negative part is if people get out there and do their research they will learn about SAFE baby wearing, and hopefully helping babywearers and NEW babywearers break way from the NAME-steam brands like Infantino or Bjorn and bringing forth the safer and/or more comfortable brands/types of babywearing.

  2. I really think that it did a lot of harm. Before the recall I would get mostly nice comments about the carriers I use. Granted, some were: "You have a baby in there?! Is he going to fall out? How can he breathe? He doesn't look very comfy!"

    Now a lot of them are: "You know them there carriers got a recall on them?" and others to that effect.

  3. Whenever I get a comment about the safety of babywearing, I say something to the effect of "you know, moms have been wearing their babies like this for thousands of years..."