Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wearer of the Week, Corinna

We love hearing stories from our fans! This one from Corinna is especially neat because as you see in her signature, she has been loving Beco since almost the beginning! Thanks for being a loyal fan! 

As die-hard Red Sox fans my husband and I were not about to leave our children out of the fun, especially when they were little and nursing.  However, our family's season ticket seats at Fenway Park are on the right field roof deck.  The two options for getting there are to hike up many flights of stairs, or to use the maddeningly slow elevator, which would mean less time enjoying the game.  Basically you couldn't pay me to drag a stroller around that place, or in and out of Boston traffic on the walk to the park for that matter!  

After trying out many different carriers in my search for the perfect one, my Beco became my absolute favorite go-to carrier and my first choice for games.  Carrier Camo custom made a slipcover from a Red Sox jersey for my Blue Stripe 4th Gen, and we were Boston-bound!  

This picture is Corinna carrying her middle daughter Esmee when she is about 18 months

I can't tell you how many comments, compliments, and questions I have gotten carrying my girls to games.  We can zip in and out of crowds with my hands free, and the little one can just go to sleep, safe and secure, if she is tired.  Plus, the girls always had a great view of what was going on around them, rather that staring at everyone's knees all day :-) This year we are looking forward to taking our third daughter (who is now 7 mos) to her first game in July.  Beco will be there!

Corinna, Beco mama since 2006


  1. So cool, Corinna! Who was it that made that cover for you?! Love this story!

  2. Love it! I might have to see if I can get a Bruins one made for my 4th generation. :)

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