Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gemini Super Secret Sneak Preview Puzzle #2

Okay, here's the rest of the puzzle. Like some of you guessed, it's really a teaser since almost the whole Gemini is covered up!
This is me with my 3 year old daughter Caroline. She weighs a little less than 30 lbs. I'm wearing a backpack on my back, plus my purse across me and holding a lot of other things! But super comfy in the new Gemini!
But don't fret- tomorrow I will start a new puzzle that will show you a LOT more!

And just because you waited so long, here's another teaser:


  1. Loving those yummy purple straps!!!! :)

  2. Ah-ha, that's the same color combo as the Butterfly Natalie! It was the bag that threw me off. :0 It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see more action pix@

  3. Hey, can you help us out and say when the Gemini will be released? I am about to buy a Pikkolo but if the Gemini is going to be released SOON I will wait. Please, pretty please, can you say????

  4. Can you please let me know whether to wait for a month or two or to buy the bjorn active...I need a front carrier and would love the gemini but can't wait forever!!!

  5. I would say wait for the Gemini! :) It hopefully shouldn't be too long now!