Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wearer of the Week, Andy

Another babywearing daddy! Read what Andy's wife, Nichole, says about their Beco Butterfly. 

These are a few pictures of my son, Anderson, hitching a ride with daddy, Andy, at the beach.  In these pictures, he was very close to walking, but not just yet.  He also was ready for a nap, so we strapped him in.  He enjoyed the ride, never fussed, and eventually fell asleep.  I melts my heart to see my husband carrying his little boy.  I got a nice break since I am pregnant with our daughter, Annabelle, due in late September.  These pictures are from Melbourne Beach, FL in mid April.  Enjoy!

We also would like to mention that the cover did great on keeping out blond haired boy from getting a burn!  :o)  Thank you for including that feature!


  1. Baby wearing Dad's rock!! :) Love these and LOVE LOVE LOVE my Beco :)

  2. WooHoo! That is my family! Annabelle is here (September 16th) and will soon be joining us in the Beco too! Now I just wish that we had two! :o) Thanks for the feature!

  3. That's so sweet! Don't you just LOVE the sleeping hood? What would we do without it? I wish my hubby would babywear more, but he takes the big boys and I keep the baby. It works for us!

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